Monday, February 1, 2010

January Book Winners


January Winners Congrats!

I have indicated by your name if I need your shipping address or book information.
Please email me your information to
In subject line please put jens book talk winner so I dont miss your email.
No emails will be sent. 
Please respond by Friday Feb 5, 2010
or I will have to choose a new winner in your spot.  :(

Seduced by a Rogue Winner
Congrats to fredamans (I have your address)

100 follower winners - Congrats to
LiLi (Need Address)
thetruebookaddict (Need Address)
Justine (Need Address)

(Please choose a book up to $6 from Book Depository and email me the title and your address)

The following are SURPRISE Contest Winners!

Alice I Have Been Winner
Congrats to Sharon (Need Address)

Chaucer's First Winter Winner
Congrats to Cym Lowell (Need Address)

Starting this past month I started doing a few surprise giveaways.  I will do at least 1 per month.
All you have to do is make a comment on the book I am reviewing or the author I am hosting to be eligible. These will be surprise giveaways so I wont be advertising which book or author is up for grabs so if you see one you might like to have jump in and make a comment.  Some books may be from used book stores, some may be brand new, or some may just be ARC's I've read for review.  If its a guest host it can be any book old or new from them.  So just keep doing as your doing and making comments for me.  I do have them on moderation so I dont miss any and because the spam got to be so bad but soon as I approve them they will show up for ya's.  :) 
Oh also meant to add that these surprise contests are open to everybody not just USA.  :)


Sharon said...

Wow Thanks! It WAS a suprise! I'm looking forward to this book!

fredamans said...

Thank you Jen, and congrats other winners!!!!