Thursday, March 4, 2010

Interview: Linda Poitevin

Today I have some interview questions/answers from a wonderful author and a sweetheart of a lady; Linda Poitevin.  Linda lives just outside Canada's capital, Ottawa, with husband, three daughters, a dog, two cats, a rabbit, and a Bearded Dragon lizard. She cans and freezes her family’s winter fruit and vegetable supply, knits, and crochets! A very busy lady indeed!
Thank you for the interview and kind words Linda! {{Big Hugs}}
Q: What if you woke from a dream to realize you were a character from your book knowing everything that happens in your book -- who would you be and why?

A: Is there any question? Lol! I would absolutely choose to be Gwyn – who wouldn’t? Gareth is a totally hot Hollywood star who is mature, sexy, secure in himself, and ready to commit (though he doesn’t know it yet!). Knowing what happens in the book and that he’s going to…and then he’ll…oh, I would SO definitely be Gwyn! J

Q: Would you make any changes in the story?

A: As the author, my first inclination is to say no. And if I were Gwyn? Still no. I think Gwyn is a lot like me, believing that everything happens for a reason. If one thing were to change in the story (or in my/her life), it could affect everything else…and knowing how the story turns out, I absolutely wouldn’t want to change a thing!

Q: Would you choose to stay inside your own story and carry out the rest of your life or would you like to "wake" up again in your "real life"?

A: Lol – questions like that are so unfair! I think it would totally depend on the kind of day I was having when you asked me, because there are some days….

Seriously, though, I think I’d like to wake up again in my own life – in spite of its ups and downs – because I like who and where I am. Although I must admit it would be tempting to lose a few years off my age…except that would mean going through all kinds of life experiences a second time around…so nope, my life definitely wins. J

Plus there’s the whole Hollywood aspect to consider…it’s one thing to write about a character dealing with being in the spotlight like that, and quite another to live it myself!

Q: Can you give me a quick overview of your current project? I believe you’re working on a paranormal next?

A: My work in progress is a dark paranormal suspense with strong romantic elements – a series, actually (I hope!). The first book is complete and sitting with my agent, who is waiting for me to polish and send the synopsis for the second book before she starts the submission process. The story takes place in today’s world but draws heavily on angel mythology – I’m really excited about it and have already started the second book.

Q: Can you share an excerpt with us from A Fairy Tale for Gwyn?
A: I’d be delighted – here’s one no one else has seen yet:

He rose from the couch and raised his hands over his head in a slow stretch. “Thank you again for dinner, and for coffee. I hope I didn’t keep you from anything too important.”

Gwyn didn’t think much could be more important than watching a thin denim shirt strain across a broad chest, but neither did she think it wise to say so. She simply smiled and shook her head. “Nothing at all,” she said, and trusted that he wouldn’t hear the slight strangulation in her voice.

She uncoiled her feet and leaned forward to put her mug on the trunk. When she straightened up, she found Gareth’s hand extended to her. She hesitated, exhaled shakily, and then put her own hand out and let him pull her to her feet, inches away from the broad shoulders she’d just admired—along with all the rest of him.

No amount of reasoning with herself could make her raise her gaze to his. Long seconds ticked by, alive with electric expectation. Gareth cleared his throat. “I should go,” he said, his voice low and husky.

A tremor twisted through Gwyn’s belly. She stared at a button at eye level on his shirt. The one that marked the beginning of an open vee that exposed a glimpse of dark hairs. “I know.”


She inhaled sharply at the rough sound of her name. Gareth’s fingers tightened for an instant on her own, then began a slow slide up her arm to her shoulder, around to the nape of her neck. A strand of hair, not her own, brushed her cheek. Gwyn closed her eyes.

“Mommy, my head hurts.”


Debra St. John said...

Oooh, nice excerpt.

Great interview ladies. I think it would be so hard to choose which of my heroines I'd like to be...

darkangelauthor said...

Thanks, Debra! And thanks for stopping by. Yeah, in this genre, it's a tough call deciding which heroine has it best... :)

Take care,

Jana Richards said...

Love the excerpt Linda. Best of luck with A Fairy Tale for Gywn.

I didn't realize you are a fellow Canadian. I live in Winnipeg but we have relatives in Ottawa. I really enjoy visiting the city.