Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lisa Jackson Reading Challenge 2009/2010

Create a list of the Lisa Jackson books you would like to read between now and December 31, 2010.

Visit J. Kaye's Book Blog for full details of the challenge.

Here's my list but it may change up a bit as we go. My goal is to read at least 10 of the 17 posted. 

New Orleans

1. Hot Blooded (2001)

2. Cold Blooded (2002)

3. The Night Before (2003)

4. Shiver (2006)

5. Absolute Fear (2007)

6. Lost Souls (2008)

7. Malice (2009)

Dark Jewels

1. Dark Ruby (1998)

2. Dark Emerald (1999)

3. Dark Sapphire (2000)


1. The Night Before (2003)

2. The Morning After (2004)


1. Deep Freeze (2005)

2. Fatal Burn (2006)

Montana - To Die

1. Left To Die (2008)

2. Chosen To Die (2009)

Oregon Coast - Wicked (with Nancy Bush)

1. Wicked Game (2009)



looks like a good challenge for yourself/ves...anyway...did you see were we made the top commenters on JKaye's blog. you i am not surprised, i didn't think i would ever make it again. any way...congratulations!

GFDesignz said...

thank you sweets! It was my first time and it tickled me because I adore her blog. Hers was actually one of the first book review blogs I stumbled upon when I started doing book reviews! Congrats to you to hon! {{Big Hugs}}

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the LJ Reading Challenge! So glad you are joining too!