Friday, November 27, 2009

Review: The Magic Warble by Victoria Simcox

The Magic Warble by Victoria Simcox
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 276 pages
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Rating: 5/5

Kristina has only one friend in the whole world, Raymond her pet rat. Kids at school mostly teased her and made her feel bad. Her life changes when one day she gets the strangest gift, The Magic Warble, from her teacher and is cast into Bernovem, a land of dwarfs, fairies,and other talking animals who address her with importance as "The Chosen One".

She makes friends and meets Werrien, who turns out to be a prince, but whose family has been banished from their throne by an evil Queen Sentiz. Kristina must join forces with her new friends as they guide her to the spot she alone must place The Magic Warble so that all of Bernovem can return as it should be and so she can be able to return back home to her world.

I loved this fantasy tale. I related so well with poor Kristina feeling unpopular but then excited for her when she holds an entire kingdoms well being in the palm of hand literally.

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Victoria Simcox said...

Hi Jen thank you for the 5 star review and posting for me on Amazon as well. I feel so blessed today! ") Victoria

GFDesignz said...

You are so welcome Victoria! It was a really great read and I wished I would have been given a magic warble ahen I was younger because I could relate so well with Kristina. :)