Sunday, November 29, 2009

Which to Keep, Which to Give?

Okay so I been wondering about how do ya'll decide which books to keep in your permanent collections and which books to swap, trade, give away, ect...
Obviously if you didn't like the book your probably gonna toss it or pass it on but what if it is part of a series you are collecting or want to collect?  Do you split up the set and only keep the ones you like?
Do you keep one genre and give away another?
Just out of curiosity....What are the determining factors in whether you keep, swap, or giveaway a book?


fredamans said...

I keep most of them all. Its the only way to get an in-home library.


Rebecca said...

I keep most of my books. I usually swap or give away the ones that I've had for a few years and haven't read and don't plan on reading.