Sunday, November 29, 2009

Take The Journey 2010 Challenge

This awesome challenge is being hosted by Lynda from Between The Pages.  To sign up go HERE

Join me, and let’s make 2010 the year we and others celebrate the World of Books.

Challenge Guidelines: This challenge isn’t designed to be easy, so the weak-at-heart may want to exit by the side door. For those of you who are still here, let’s get started.

A. Challenge ends on December 15, 2010. Your goal is to accumulate as many points as you can during 2010. Best of success to everyone. I can't wait to begin. All points must be accrued from Jan 1 - Dec 15, 2010. Anything you've read for other challenges in 2010 can also be used in the Take The Journey Challenge as well. I believe this is fair and allows participants to enjoy more than one challenge at a time.)

1. Read 40 or more books by new authors you’ve never read before. (Each book read =4 points)
2. Read 20 or more books by some of your favorite authors. (Each book read = 2 points)
3. Read 3 or more new genres you’ve never tried before. (Each genre = 2 points)
4. Post 12 or more reviews at any site of your choice. (Each review posted = 3 points)
5. Give 1 or more books as gifts during the year. (Each book gift = 2 points)
6. Read 1 or more books to a child (Each book read = 3 points)
7. Read something to an older person, or anyone whose eyesight prevents them from reading for themselves.
(Each reading session = 3 Points)
8. Share this reading challenge with a friend. (Each friend that joins the challenge = 3 points)
9. Attended a book event, such as a book signing, book fair, book reading, etc. (Each event = 5 points)

4 pointers



Rebecca said...

Ooh this is a cool challenge because you can do it to your own weaknesses and strengths. May add this to my challenge list after I think about it.

Sharon said...

This sounds like a fun challenge....I'm going to think about this, I said I wasn't going to join any more!

GFDesignz said...

Ha, I done found about 5 more I plan on taking up but just haven't got them added yet. They are so addictive but most of the ones I am doing I can cross post easily.