Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beat The Clock Book Giveaway

You have until noon {Eastern Time} on Saturday Dec, 19 2009 to BEAT THE CLOCK!

This giveaway is Open to All provided your country is on THIS LIST
Please make sure your country is on Book Depository's shipping list HERE

Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to correctly list as many
authors or books as you can from the Wordle below.
**All of them are Young Adult Authors and Books


  1. 5 Authors Correct = 2 entries

  2. 5 Books  Correct = 2 entries

  3. 10 Authors Correct = 5 entries

  4. 10 Books Correct = 5 entries

  5. Any 20 Books and Authors Correct = 15 entries

  6. Any attempt gets you 1 entry whether your correct or not.

  7. If you post about this giveaway in any way leave me a link in the comments section and each link gets you 2 extra entries!

Choose 1 of the books below should you win!

Use the form for your answers!  The more you get correct the more entries you get to win and then will pick a winner from entries Saturday.  Thanks for playing and good luck to all!



Justine said...

I entered my answers! And I also linked this contest on my sidebar here


Sharon said...

What fun! I filled out the form to enter. Thanks!

Marilu said...

I have never seen a contest like this was fun! I had to try my hand at this!! I just filled out the form!! I am curious how entries work as I think I got 15 authors and 15 books....does that mean I would get ( 14 entries? 5 authors = 2 ,5 books=2, 10 authors =5, 10 books =5.)

I also liked that I was asked which title I would like to receive if I win!
Thanks for the entries
lovemykidsandbooks AT gmailDOT com!

GFDesignz said...

I am glad you all liked it and thanks for posting about it hon!

Marilu that is a great question and what I will do is if all 30 of your answers are correct you will actually be getting 21 entries

15 for getting any 20 correct
5 for getting any 10 correct
1 for simply entering

Keep an eye out for more Beat The Clocks! I will be able to do more after the holidays are over. :)

Alessandra said...

This was fun... I got quite a few, and I hope they are all correct :)

YA Vampire Books said...

This is super fun!! I'll definitely try to beat the clock ;)


GFDesignz said...

Ya'll have done a great job! Thanks for playing! Still about 5 hours to go for anybody that has not got their answers in yet.

Winner will be announced and emailed sometime today.

Kay Cassidy said...

Oh my gosh, Jen, this is the coolest contest I have ever seen! I LOVE Wordle *and* I love puzzles, so this is totally my kind of contest. How fun!!!

GFDesignz said...

Thank you ladies! I am happy you all had fun and I look forward to doing more of these with you!