Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review: From Darkness To Light by Lynn Christopher Roby

From Darkness To Light by Lynn Christopher Roby

Publisher Outskirts Press
Genre: Biography, Non-fiction
Pages: 138
My Rating: 3/5

My heart goes out to Lynn as she shares her struggles of alcoholism and the ruptured aneurysm that almost took her life in From Darkness to Light. She is a true inspiration of a lady who would not just sit back and give up on life or her desire to help others and displayed as such when she gave up a secure job to begin a new career as a yoga instructor and business owner of Holistic Healing.

While I can basically understand Mrs. Roby’s message to us in her biography, From Darkness To Light,  I must say it was a little confusing to me at times. She begins talking about her aneurysm and then jumps back to when she became an alcoholic and then even farther back to when she first meets her husband and back up to present day again.

I found myself many times having to go back and reread a lot so I could tie together the events and occasions, but once I did I found a remarkably strong willed lady and a wonderful story of courage.

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Maria said...

Wonderful review! Sounds like a good book.