Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Plans

Well folks Thanksgiving is almost upon us.  Are ya like me and can almost taste that juicy turkey, smell those candied yams, and dream of dressing with giblet gravy yet?  YUM YUM YUM  To some that may sound dumb but this is the only time of the year we really eat these dishes thus making them extra special when we do.
We always go to my folks house and my sister and I always take covered dishes as well and we just all pig out and sit around and visit for a spell while we wait on dinner to settle then we drag our still rather plump bellies back into the kitchen for all those sweets we know we dont need but ohhhh it's so good any ways!  lol
So what do you do for Thanksgiving? Do you usually host at your home that day or go someplace else? Is there a dish you make year after year?