Monday, October 26, 2009

Eden's Hell l: The First by Dawné Dominique

Eden's Hell l: The First by Dawné Dominique

Publisher Purple Sword Publications
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Summary: In the beginning... God created man and called him Adam, a fine specimen replicated in his own image. He then created woman to ease Adam's loneliness and named her Lillith. Unfortunately, God realized his mistake too late in giving woman free will, for she would rule her domain-not man. When Lillith left Adam, God created another for his first-born son, and gave her the name Eve and a kingdom called Eden, but by then it was too late, for he'd unleashed Hell into the world of man.

My Review: Eden’s Hell opens with our hunky hero, Addison, getting ready to go out for a bite to eat... Umm, I forgot to mention Addison is a vampire, huh? Maybe I should say he was thirsty, but either way, he got interrupted by a human damsel in distress; Eva. Apparently she had signed up to become a pet of his ex-wife and at the last minute decided against it and had escaped from his ex-wife’s lair.
At this point of the story, only a few pages in, I am already hooked because I have all these questions floating about in my head like; is he going to bleed her? Will he ignore her or return her? Are they going to fall head over heels or be adversaries?
You’re in for a wonderful ride with Eden’s Hell. It picks you up on those first few pages and it’s really hard to set it down until you’re done. I enjoyed the relationships between the characters and I could almost feel what they were feeling. It was even hard to hate the bad guy/girl in the story because their emotions were so powerful.
With a huge unveiling of truth towards the end that gave me one of those Aha moments, and an edge of your seat battle between good and evil, the story wraps up nicely.
This was the first book I have read by Dawne Dominique, but it surely will not be my last!

Rated 4 Delightful Divas by Jennifer

Review Courtesy of Dark Diva Reviews


Dawné Dominique said...

This review reads even better here, Jen. ((more hugs))