Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall-Winter Mystery Reading Challenge

Fall-Winter Mystery Reading Challenge
Host - Ariel from Mysteries and My Musings

Dates - October 1, 2009 - February 28, 2010

Read 7 books within the 5 month challenge period

Ariel writes:

Suspense or police procedures and the entire menagerie under the mystery genre are all available for the challenge.

The 7 books should be split up as follows:

(1) Paranormal or gothic mystery for Halloween (level of spookiness up to you)

(2) Autumn/harvest/Thanksgiving related mystery

(2) Winter/snow/Xmas//Hanukah etc related mystery
The Christmas Secret by Donna VanLiere
Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich

(1) resolutions/new begininngs related mystery

(1) Romantic mystery/Valentine's related (chocolate, February...)


Grilsgood said...

I am having trouble finding a books for resolutions/new begininngs mabye cause i dont' understan dit

GFDesignz said...

Hon here is a list of suggestions for that part. Hope this helps. :)

A.F. Heart said...

Hello there,

I was just checking in to see how the reading challenge went. Thank you for participating.

A.F. Heart