Thursday, October 29, 2009

Killer Takes All - Erica Spindler

Killer Takes All - Erica Spindler
Genre: Novel Suspense
Publisher: Mira
Pages: 480
My Rating: 3/5

Summary: A friend's brutal murder turns former homicide detective Stacy Killian's life upside down. Unwilling to trust Spencer Malone, the overconfident New Orleans detective assigned to the case, Stacy is compelled to return to the investigative role she had fled.

The investigation leads Stacy and Spencer to White Rabbit, a cultish fantasy role-playing game. White Rabbit is dark, violent -- and addictive. As the body count mounts, they find themselves trapped in a terrifying game that's more real than life and death. Because anyone can die before the final moment when White Rabbit is over . . . and the killer takes all.

My Review: Killer Takes All  begins with a bang! The action starts immediately with Stacy's neighbors being killed and she stumbles upon the scene. The cops are called and Stacy, an ex cop herself, wants to help on the case. From there on the story is more or less all about her competing with Spencer to solve the case.

Being a long time Erica Spindler fan I must say I was dissappointed a bit with this book.  It is by far not one of her best! I wished the role playing game had evolved a bit more into the story and maybe alot more romance between Spencer and Stacy would have even helped me to enjoy it more. As it was the characters seemed choppy and disinteresting.

If your a die hard Erica Spindler fan it's well worth reading but if you have never read a Spindler novel start with one of her older books.


Book Chick City said...

I've read a copy of Erica Spindler's books but not this one. It's a shame this one disappointed you. Thanks for the honest review! :)