Friday, January 1, 2010

Flaherty's Crossing by Kaylin McFarren

OMG Ya'll Check out the trailer for an awesome book coming up on tour in February!  I can't wait to read it and tell you all about it!
Synopsis: Successful yet emotionally stifled artist Kate Flaherty stands at the deathbed of her estranged father, conflicted by his morphine-induced confession exposing his part in her mother’s death. While racing home, Kate’s car mishap leads her to a soul-searching discussion with a lone diner employee, prompting Kate to confront the true reasons her marriage hangs in the balance. When her night takes an unexpected turn, however, she flees for her life, a life desperate for faith that can only be found through her ability to forgive.



Sharon said...

Oh my! That does look good. Loved the trailer! Off to Amazon now.

Sharon said...

Oh man, I went to Amazon to put this on my wish list so I wouldn't forget it and it isn't listed for preorder yet. :(

Kaylin McFarren said...

Sorry, Sharon. I'm working on that later this week. :D


GFDesignz said...

Sharon your like me; if I run up on a book I want I head for Amazon and my wishlist! lol

Thank you for stopping in Kaylin! I am so excited to be a host on this tour!

OMG I cant wait for the mail lady to drop this in my box! Looks like one of those all nighter books! Ya know those that ya can't bear to put down not even at bedtime!

ck.twilighter said...