Sunday, December 6, 2009

Review: Elmer the Christmas Elf & Inside Out by Marilyn E Randall

Elmer the Christmas Elf & Inside Out by Marilyn E Randall
Genre: Children's Books
Pages: Inside Out - 17 pages   Elmer the Christmas Elf - 32 pages
Publisher: Lulu Publishing
Rating: 4/5

The following are 2 books from a series of 5 by author Marilyn E. Randall. Each of her childrens books has its own little lesson to teach and help children about Gods love and growing up among other things and she illustrates each one herself.

You can visit her site and take a look at the rest of the series HERE

The children and I loved reviewing these two of the series and the illustrations were so vivid and fun to look at as we read. The lessons were simple enough for younger children to understand and the stories were told alot thru rhymes which made them even more interesting and fun!

Inside Out is the story of a cute little frog who hated his looks and wondered if God had made a mistake in making him a frog? The lesson taught in this adorable book is that beauty is on the inside.

Elmer the Christmas Elf is her latest and it is about Elmer the Elf who spends all his time making toys for Santa and this year once Santa has come and gone, Elmer can relax in bed for his job is done when he sees one tiny toy that has dropped from the bag and he worries about that one child who wont have a toy this year. What can he do?

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