Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Review: Hearts of Courage by John M. Trippets

Hearts of Courage by John M. Trippets
Perfect Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Publication Consultants
Genre: Non-Fiction
Rating: 3.5/5

John tells us the remarkable survival story of his father’s plane crash in the wilderness of Alaska and his mother’s faith that he was still alive even when the rest of the world had given up hope of ever finding the plane members alive.

Thru many photo’s, documents, and maps, John lays out the day to day ordeal his father and the other plane members suffered thru before they were ultimately found a month after their crash in the cold Alaskan mountains. I was shocked to read a story with so much faith and courage as what was shown in Hearts of Courage along with the sheer determination to live not just for one’s own self but for loved ones as well under such awful conditions as these folks went thru.

Review Copy provided by author.



Cheryl said...

Thanks for the lovely review of John's book. I found this to be a moving story as well.

Your readers can follow John's tour at Pump Up's blog.

Thanks again.


Cheryl said...

John emailed this to me today:

"My thanks for your comments about my Father's and Mother's story.....a story of Courage, of Faith and Prayers answered and of Love.

Some of your readers may find it to be an excellent Christmas gift for family members and for others who will enjoy a true Alaska aviation and winter survival story. John Tippets"

Thanks again for the great review.


i can't read this one right now. i know it will make me cry and i can't go there right now. but thanks for letting us know about it.